Academic Programmes

1. Nursery

2. Kindergarten 1 & 2
5. Primary School (Grade 1 – 5)
The Primary School Programme encourages inquiry and exploration, and develops each child’s competence in various skills - reading, writing, listening, speaking, problem-solving, observation, measurement and use of information and communications technology.
6. Higher Secondary School (Grade 6 – 12)
The curriculum builds on concepts and skills learnt in the primary years. It incorporates streamlined evaluation and review of a child’s performance through assessments.



School Calender


Rules For Students

  1. Bringing ID Card to school is compulsory
  2. Students are expected to reach school 10 minutes before the morning assembly. The school gates will open at 7.30 a.m. No student is to come before this time. After 8.05 a.m. the gate will be closed and entry is not allowed.
  3. Students are not allowed to ride / drive scooter / car / motorcycle to school. No student using the school bus is allowed to change the route to suit family programmes.
  4. No student should report to the medical room without a written permission from class teacher / subject teacher.
  5. No student should leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal / Headmistress. Violation of this rule will lead to suspension.
  6. Students are not allowed to make phone calls except in an emergency; students are not allowed to receive visitors in school. Students are not allowed to bring mobile phones to school.
  7. Students must obey the monitors and maintain discipline at all times.
  8. The school reserves the right to suspend or take appropriate disciplinary action against students who are lacking in diligence or whose progress in studies is constantly unsatisfactory. Neglect of homework and irregular attendance will invite disciplinary action.
  9. The Principal reserves the right to rusticate a student whose conduct/ behaviour is found harmful to others
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  11. Running and shouting in an undisciplined manner in the school building or school premises is not allowed. While using the staircase or corridors, students must keep to the left. Always give right of passage to teachers and elders.
  12. Students should care for the school property. Any breakage of furniture/ fittings should be promptly reported to the class teacher. Students must not disfigure walls or woodwork. The cost of repair for deliberate damage to school property will be recovered from the students concerned.
  13. No collection of money or articles for any purpose is to be done in the school.
  14. Students should not receive private coaching / tuitions from the school teachers.
  15. Students celebrating their birthdays should not distribute expensive gift.
  16. The following will invite disciplinary action:-
    • Habitual late coming.
    • Missing without reason, any teaching/ game/ activity period without reason whether a teacher is present or not.
    • Loitering aimlessly in the corridors and grounds during regular school hours.
    • Creating disturbance and shouting between periods.
    • Lisiting the canteen during class hours.

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