The School was started in 1995 with an initial small roll of 83 students and at present, its roll has swelled to around 300. Our main aim is to amalgamate the education and students in such a manner so that they become competent enough to achieve their goals in life. The core value of our programme is holistic in the spirit that enables all children to develop mind-body connectivity influencing them to realize that there is more to the world than just material things. We recognise that all of our pupils are unique and precious and so we endeavour to meet their needs and develop their individual talents through quality provision. We encourage our children to achieve excellence across the curriculum enabling them to fulfil their potential and make a positive contribution to society.
  Our Mission
  • To nurture children of the region into intelligent, humble, compassionate human beings
  • To provide a co-operative and friendly environment for exploration and pursuit of knowledge
  • To emphasize on the importance of physical well being

Vision Statement


With changing parameters of success in the 21st century .C.S.School has also redesigned the fundamental qualities of excellence, appropriately. The core value of our programme is holistic in spirit that enables all children to develop a mind-body connectivity influencing them to realize that there is more to the world than just material things.

Thus, preparing children for life is the over-riding vision of the management & our endeavour is to match it with conducive environment, competent faculty and exemplary leadership. Our country is at the thresh-hold of heralding unprecedented reforms, in school education. A paradigm shift from marks driven academic exercise to measurable achievements in both scholastic dimensions and life skill attainments has found its way in the new pedagogical pronouncements. We at Cybernetics are determined to corroborate these reforms, while we commit ourselves to bring out the best in each child through right guidance and innovative practices.

A unique state of infrastructure attributes the above as a destination dedicated to excellence .

Mission Statement


Cybernetics Secondary School dedicates itself to the Child's all round pursuit of excellence, to the joy of learning cum sharing and self-discovery ................ in a nourishingly evolving environment of purposeful education.

Our dynamic curriculum ................. based on the foundation of humility, courage, self-esteem and honour. ............ encourages budding talents to be nourished with the sense of time, accountability and confidence.

We believe in building minds with the spirit of nationalism who would remain committed to the scientific, socio-cultural and ethical development of all our communities.

Our desire of providing care to every child is complemented with our honest endeavour to adhere to the realities of justice, integrity and fair-play, thus, enabling the Heritageans to face all challenges of life with dignity and courage.

This temple of learning, hence is geared up for the future to enrich the impressionable young with knowledge and values so that all of them could stand tall in life.


ADMISSION FORM alongwith prospectus can be had from the office on payment of Rs / during working hours on all days (except holidays). As the seats are limited, keeping in the view rush of students, the first come, first serve method shall be introduced.Keeping in view, the demand of the parents and the need to Urdu khnowing students for the revenue department andr for further studies in KAS and so on, the school has introduced teaching of urdu especially from Ist class to 7th standered as additional compulsory subject and for onward study option for Urdu/Hindi is available.

Age Requirements :
The requirement age of a child for admission to a particular class as under :
  Class   Age
  Pre-nursery   2 and half year
  L.K.G   3+ Yrs.
  U.K.G   4+ Yrs.
  Std. Ist   5+ Yrs.
  Std II   6+ Yrs.
  Std III   7+ Yrs.
  Std IV   8+ Yrs.
  Std V   9+ Yrs.
  Std VI   10+ Yrs.
  Std VII   11+ Yrs.
  Std IX   12+ Yrs.
  Std X   13+ Yrs.
School Times :

Summer Timing : 7 : 55 to 1 : 30


Fee Structure :
Fee Must be paid by 7th of first month of each quarter. Late fine is imposed for payment made thereafter. Parents must carry fee Book along when paying fees / dues and insist on receipt.
Examination & Promotion :
Every week class tests will held from Monday to Friday daily in one compulsory and one optional subjects.
Promotion to the next higher class depends upon the cumulative assessment in different spheres as given below Assignments, Average of class tests, Unit Tests, Term Tests
A pupil must obtain 50% marks in each subject for promotion to the next higher class.
The decision of the Principal in the matter of promotion shall be final and irrevocable.
School uniform :
All the students are strictly to come in prescribed school uniform in " Summer and Winter " . No child would be allowed to enter the school without proper school uniform.
Punctuality & Leave Rules :
All Students must be regular and punctual. Students are not allowed to leave the school without Principal's permission.
Student comming late are those absent on the previous day will not be admitted to class without the permission of the principal.
No leave of absences is granted except on previous written application from the parents/ guardians
Every pupil is required to put in 80% attendance of the total working days in the school year.
Students comming to school without proper school uniform will not be permitted to school .
Late coming of school is not allowed .


It is my pleasure to say that Cybernetics Secondary School will equip you, as I am sure, with a mind set to solve problems, discover solutions, examine alternatives and create new options for the ever changing demands of future.Let the education, imported to you here, make you realize your dreams. The prestigious Staff will build your confidence and willpower to make you choose your path for bright future.
Jyoti Baloria
I hope you will surely prove a beacon light to those who are entangled in darkness. Ways and means are at your door step. Avail of your opportunity of your entering this vast field of wisdom.


Never the less, we provide quality Education with maximum facility on minimum charges. Make use of this facility at your door step and enlighten yourself.
  God bless you.  
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